Go auto will drop your insurance if you have over 3 not at fault wrecks .If you hit someone without insurance and Go Auto has to pay you, they will drop you cause their trying to make much money off you as possible .

I have always been with Go Auto because of the low rates. I am a student and try to pay the lowest rate as possible. Go Auto has always provided horrible customer service. The workers use their iphones to take pictures of you car to i sure it.

The staff most times are not friendly.

This is a horrible insurance company.

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Go Auto dropped me after one accident. I was ticketed to be my fault however I paid insurance on time and before time. They are not reliable nor are there enough people to work the phone lines for customer service questions.

Humble, Texas, United States #1176100

Exaclty they dropped me for 2 accidents not my fault they are no good glad I'm not with them anymore I'm in New Orleans by the way

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